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It’s all kicking off…

With the football season coming to its anticipated, frantic climax, virtually every team in Yorkshire still has something to strive for, be it automatic promotion, the drama that is the play offs or desperate clinging on to avoid relegation.

That is hardly surprising as our book, Yorkshire Football – A History by Cameron Fleming points out, the history of the sport is captured and shaped in microcosm by the deeds and vicissitudes of those in the fiercely proud, white rose county. Whether it is the formation of clubs, women’s football, the advent of the centre forward, the principle of management or even corruption – someone in Yorkshire did it first.

As a help for those fans caught up in the glory or tribulations of their side, and anyone else who has an interest in the history of the round ball code from a Yorkshire perspective, we are delighted to announce that for the month of March, copies can be bought through our website only at the exclusive price of £9.99. You’ll find A History of Yorkshire Football under the section marked ‘Our Books’

With the advent of spring, so to lambs and new titles.

A Day a Dale, our first full colour production which is as comprehensive a guide to all facets of the area as has been produced, has gone to print. Editing has begun on A Lawyer for all Seasons, Ronnie Teeman’s take on the profession and his famous cases and all the research and resource material for A Class Apart – The Story of School’s Rugby League has been collated. The manuscript and pictures are in for our inaugural horse racing tome, York’s Great Races which is set to be launched in time for the Dante meeting at the Knavesmire course in mid-May.

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