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Introducing Forty-20: A rugby league magazine for the 21st century – on sale Wednesday 13 July 2011

Via evolution or revolution, from the birth of the Northern Union to our present day, rugby league could seldom be accused of standing still. And that has certainly been true over the past two decades.

Yet as the sport sets sail into a watershed third century with a game-changing 2013 World Cup on the horizon, the 13-a-side football code is too often defined by the tired and divisive debates of yesteryear.

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Here at Scratching Shed Publishing Ltd, we are happy to announce that game’s latest monthly magazine, Forty-20, will dare to be different.

Those readers already familiar with our books will know of our slogan: treasure the old, embrace the new. It’s a philosophy and mission statement we will pursue in the magazine world too.

When Forty-20 lands with a thump on Wednesday 13 July 2011, the sport’s past, present and future will combine in a next generation rugby league monthly that reflects the game as the majority of modern-day fans, players and coaches see it: a rapidly evolving global sport played largely in summer that is proud of its history while being excited by the thrilling spectacle of today and the opportunities that lay ahead.

In its pages you will discover well-crafted face-to-face interviews with rugby league’s most engaging personalities, be they in the European Super League, Australiasian NRL or anywhere else.

You will find contemporary issues explored in a balanced and rigorously journalistic manner; first-hand reports from wherever in the world rugby league is played; thought-provoking articles by the game’s most highly respected individuals and best-known writers, including former Bradford, Wigan, Crusaders and Great Britain coach Brian Noble, right.

At Forty-20 we value every rugby league club or nation, whatever their geography, playing standard or version of the code, from Barrow to Brighton, from Bradford to Belgrade, from Perpignan to Parramatta to Papua New Guinea.

In short, we aim to bring you a magazine every month that is bright and witty, punchy and informative. We will take the sport seriously, but not too seriously. We will keep a healthy sense of perspective.

And given Forty-20’s claims to being a rugby league magazine for the 21st century, we will also be on the look out for young and aspiring writers, photographers and illustrators. If that’s you, then fire an email to our editor at

If you share our ambition and would like to help to raise our game, then please support us by taking out a 12-month postal subscription at a special early subscriber’s rate of £19.99. That’s a saving of over £15 on the retail cover price of £2.95 a month. Simply drop a line to and we’ll tell you how by reply. In future weeks, you will be able to subscribe to the magazine via this website.

Alternatively, if you have moved beyond old fashioned ink and paper and would prefer to take out a subscription to our online edition, watch for more details about this option over the weeks ahead.

Get on board with Forty-20. Together we can be the future of rugby league.

Stay in touch with all the latest news about Forty-20 on Twitter at @forty20magazine




8 Responses to Introducing Forty-20: A rugby league magazine for the 21st century – on sale Wednesday 13 July 2011

  1. bob bowman says:

    great news you guys!!!! i wish you all the best with this and i am sure it will be a success. i cannot wait for its first publication and i can feel my creative writing juices start to tingle into flow………….

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  3. ANDY KASSUBE says:

    Hi can you tell me anywhere in the huddersfield,dewsbury,brighouse or bradford arear who might stock the magazine please. I just want to read one copy and then I might subscribe. Thanks Andy

  4. admin says:

    Hi Andy – It is in or can be ordered from independent newsagents and is in WHS in Bradford. Thanks for your support

  5. MattP says:

    Just wondering if the magazines stocked anywhere in Nottingham City. Had a look for it and can’t find it!

  6. admin says:

    Hi Matt – should be in Asda’s there or any indie newsagent can order it – thanks for your interest

  7. dave walsh says:

    will it be on sale in ireland?

  8. admin says:

    Hello Dave, we send out to Ireland on subscription, ring Ros on 0113 225 9797 for details

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